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eMotion Music Player seeking Programmer

PostPosted:Mon Apr 28, 2008 1:48 am
by JestBlazed
This is my latest invention:

eMotion Handheld, Portable Digital Music Player/Creator

This invention uses gyroscopic sensors of X and Y and Z to match movements of the player.

A simple handheld, probably cillintrical music player slightly larger than 2 AA batteries.

One end has a headphone jack

One end has 2 buttons in half circle fashion +,-.

There is a three pole power switch near the headphone jack with:

On, Volume Control
On, Volume Hold

On either side of this button is digital volume control.

A synthetic sound database has to be mapped to X,Y,Z coordinates.

X = Treble, over sound time, added together

y = Bass, over sound time, added together

Z = BPM, for value mapped

The eMotion is auto-looping sounds together as you please, and move to make them

Hold the two buttons together for 4 sec. to start fresh from one sound and that sound's BPM

Hold the + button while moving in any fashion to generate that mapped sound
Importance on Beat matching 1st, then equal in X and Y when you find the right tone let go

The inverse will work for the - button for each one, using the closest to the movement 1st.

If the gyroscope maxes out the value created is the time to reach max / max until it's less than max.