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Dance Pad Game, for fun

PostPosted:Tue Sep 23, 2008 1:13 am
by Geek Moses

It's really simple. It's the basic dance game, where you stand on the lighted pad and follow the lights to dance. Here's the difference, the scoring system effects the appearance of the character on the screen dancing. When you first start out, you get a geeky guy in a business suit, or a lady that lacks curves. When you get points, you have a choice, either get the curves, the build if it's a guy, and eventually buy clothes. Wearing less requires points, so the dance characters on the screen don't look good, aren't bouncy, and can't be more appealing than Bugs Bunny to start with at 0 points. If you score high, your on screen character could look like Elvis, The Terminator, or Marilin Monroe. Of course, you have the Your Too Sexy theme Song for the high scores.