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Ferraris for the poor!

PostPosted:Wed Oct 29, 2008 11:27 pm
by qasidsafeer
As much as we would all want a luxury sports car, not all of us can afford one. However a growing number of car enthusiasts do the next best thing, modify their cheap cars to make them look like one! In fact the UK modifications & accessories industry is worth £320 million p.a (Source: Maxpower)

Unfortunately, untill now whatever we try to cover up our nissan micras with, the fact remains they still sound like pathetic scooters.

My invention is a gadget which immitates the revving sound of a luxury sports car by playing the prerecorded sounds, through your existing sound system, in sink with the rpm meter in your car.
There would be a switch, in your dashboard, to turn it off or choose an alternate immitation e.g: Ferrari, Mazerrati, Mustang etc