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"Risk" style Online Game of World Domination

PostPosted:Fri Jan 30, 2009 3:09 pm
by MakoGolden
If you have ever played the board game Risk, then you can see where this is going. Each player begins with a % of the world and through troop deployment and random number generation seeks to conquer more of it. With a huge potential player base and the technology available today, the World Map can be divided into many areas, allowing more players to fight on each map. Rebel insurgencies and interior pogrom are also considerations for this game, as well as things like limited movement on unfriendly ground, supply chains and food distribution, assigning political leaders to easy speak the various populations. I can sit and add to this all day. In the way of so many online games, a 'member' status could offer weapon and technology upgrades, so there is potential to make some money here, ( i spent $40 at battleknight and $20 at runescape this past week myself ) so I hope that others see it too.

Reward: lifetime membership and would appreciate consultant status. If you are serious about creating online gameworlds, I have got some other ideas that are off the chain. My name is Stephen Stokes. I am an artist with a talent for creating/drawing characters. Please contact me at