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By netwarlal2003
i have designed a unique device which uses the electro magnetic field in the human body to accurately predict the number of children an individual will have and the sex of the unborn children as well.the device is unique as it works externally. there are no tests to be done.result can be had in 5 minutes precisely. the results have proven accurate by innumerable experiments on volunteers.the manufa cturing cost of the device is approximately 2 dollars.any one interested may contact me on my email i.d which is

Reward: critical acclaim!
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By Michael D. Grissom
Sounds like the perfect product for which only accepts inventions/patents that list for sale or license for over one million dollars minimum.
By Rishi
That would indeed beunique. Sounds more like astrology than Electro Magnetic Progeny Diagnosis.

Any one of death, accident, illness, or contraception can throw the prediction out of kilter. Also, if we consider chhildren born to a single pair neither of whom strays, then each one should have the same prediction. It is difficult to conceive (wrong word I think) of a totally matched conception in every match.

Such a device would not be species specific. If it works with other mammals (Why not reptiles, birds, or insects?), there could be a major use for it in farming, racing etc., where the value of the live stock can be based on fertility.


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