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I think the best combination of using Bluetooth and GPRS internet together is to install an off-board navigation software that can equip your cell phone with GPS tracking and tracing function. This is what an European company in Amsterdam has developed recently, the software Nav4All, only needs one peripheral, an external GPS receiver that is connected with the cell via Bluetooth, by communicating with the central server, which is currently located in Amsterdam to cover its European users, your cell phone can help you not only pinpoint your location, i.e. longitude, latitude, altitude, but also give you guidance to go anywhere you want, fast and simple. The company claims the software is fool-proof, its simplicity makes it standing out. In addition, the central server can update their digital maps much more frequently than those on-board navigation systems, such as TomTom, and it's free, the only cost the company charges is an annual subscription fee, which is currently set at 10 Euros (ca. $12) per year for its European users, the rest is what you have to pay for your GPRS internet provider. Com'on, guys, ain't this cool?

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