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By the tall man
Some people get physical when they are angry and some people just like to beat the crap out of stuff, this can be very unhealthy, but fun. I would like to see a company where you could pay to release anger. Like have a room where you could safely break glass, chainsaw some furniture, set something on fire, stomp stuff, throw a hand grenade, kick some doors in, wreck a car, yell at people, etc. Sounds crazy.
By SaBeR420
I was reading your idea and couldn't help but notice you just explained an idea that i had already saw on "real tv" This room is located in Japan. You pay so much money to distroy a room and someone comes in to set it back up for the next person. It's called a "Rockstar Room"
By the tall man
Sounds fun,I dont watch enough tv!
By notthenameiwant
Yea I saw that on t.v. too. I think it was pretty pricey though.
By Rishi
There are various shape memory alloys that change shape at a defined temperature. These are already in use as medical implants fo some applications. These have a small shape at room temperature and can be easily introduced into the body through catheters. Once located at the required place they expand to the designed shape at body temperature.

By making the objects in the amok rooms using shape memory alloys it should be possible to bash these up (makes quite a racket too) to the heart's content, and later by warming up to the transition temperature revive the shape. For added attraction the Rager(?) can even have a blow torch in one hand and keep reviving and bashing again.

A psychiatrist may be a better answer to such raging maniacs.


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