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By Steve
Hm... from a *beep* customer's point of view, I fear this idea will only work without the glasses. Because there are already glasses out there that have a separate screen integrated, so once you need to go that far, there's probably no need for the main screen in the first place. But the glasses would definitely be inconvenient, and a public place like a bar wouldn't want to hand out expensive high-tech stuff to each customer (then they'd have to secure the place like a department store).
By nicholas anthony
For the sound you could split it into two or more recievers. One device would recieve the sound from one show and others would recieve the sound from other shows. They already have a similar device in some sports bars, where you only listen to one show of your choice but there are more screens. :-)
By Truzaar
Is inventing somthing like this even possible?
Im not a scientist or anything but i dont even know if somthing like this is possible
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By Steve
Awesome! Thanks for catching it, cynet! ;-D

How do I get my free TV, now? :-[
By sebin
Miss Playful idea wud surely work...infact the same concept can be applied for watching digital films in cinema halls ( if we go for the reel type then lot of cutting and pasting is required). I was abt to post this idea but then i found this.

The glass part is the tricky one...

Else there is another way...each person is wearing a headset in which there is a LCD screen. So everybody cud watch their own program. It cud be used in house but not in public places. The broad casting is done wirelessly.

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