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By DirtpatchSmacky
not trying to be argumentative, but how do you know some one else is voting against thier own interest? because they are poor yet vote republican? thier priorities may elswhere than yours. for instance, a poor man might vote republican because they promise him to do away with affirmitive action and promise him the continued right to bear arms, he might hold these interests in higher regard than the fact that they wont fund public schools(he may not even have kids) or the fact that they wont take a serious stance on health care reform(he may never have been sick in his life). Dude, everything is relevent to the observer, they may actually be looking out for the interests he cares about.
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By Steve
DirtpatchSmacky wrote:not trying to be argumentative, but how do you know some one else is voting against thier own interest?

Like... um... ask them? Interview them who they voted for and why? 8-o Honestly, what do you think political science is about? People sitting in their offices playing computer games? ;) I mean it's not like you and me need to re-invent the world we live in.

And don't make any mistake about my priorities, if I would vote, I would vote conservative. They would definitely make sure there's more money in my pockets. Just wondering about some of the other people - I mean, if I'd directly ask them to give me their tuition or pension money, they'd tell me to go to hell, so why are they so much nicer on election day? :-?

I'm not making fun of people who bring sacrifices to hold up their beliefs, that's admirable. But what we're talking about is phenomenons like workers voting for globalization and free markets. That has nothing to do with beliefs whatsoever, it's simply the result of effective brainwashing. (And please don't tell me that maybe some workers simply believe in free global trade. :-b )

And no, I'm not talking about the single, healthy, fourty-year old swing-voter who is non-smoker, non-drinker, works until he is 90 and dies with 91. I am talking about average people.
By DirtpatchSmacky
Well as far as nafta, globalization, free trade what ever you want to call the beast, the U.S. has effectivelly become a two party and onlly 2 party system, democrats and republicans both push the free trade agenda, so who do we vote for? And as far as republicans putting more money in your pocket, i ask how? why is it that the U.S. has been in major deficit with every republican president since nixon(who was even a very moderate republican)? the trickle down theorry of tax cuts have been proven false, and tend to bankrupt the country, especially when you have a spend happy congress. bush's tax cuts put a whopping 356 bucks in my pocket one time, i'd much rather the government keep my 356 bucks to help make sure public schools are funded, hell take another 356 and give some one with out health insurance some coverage. political science is just like any other aspect in life, you can ask the questions you allready know the answer to, then use the "data" to support your argument, hooey. quick quiz
Do you support a president who kills puppies? no??? oh my god, you voted against your own interest when you voted for bush!!! he cuts funding to animal shelters!!! ( i know you dont vote im just making a simplistic point)
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By Steve
*cough* Take no offense, but you should go getyourself a passport, that would help you realize that there's actually a world outside of the US. :-) At least I'm not American, but whatever, I don't like to be barked at for no obvious reason. Since I can't see this leading anywhere, I'm outta this thread.
By Mosquitohawk
This is the sort of thing Jim Crow laws in the US were made of - laws which sounded good on the surface, but were used to disenfranchise people in reality. So, yes, it sounds good on the surface, and I like where you're coming from, but this is the sort of slippery slope. Where do you draw the line? And do people that we deem "dumb" or "uneducated" really not deserve the right to vote? I realize that's not where you're coming from, but that's where it'd lead. And that's not a world I would wish to live in. I've always admired the study of history, as it's the closest thing to a fortune telling device that we have. And it doesn't take looking far into the crystal ball to know that this well intentioned idea would end a disaster.

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