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By claykemper
There are several streamlined car carriers to carry all sorts of gear. I think it would be feasible to create a plastic or fiberglas carrier that could double as a kayak.

There could be a lockable, outside shell or hatch to secure the carrier. The hull would be one piece with an attachable bow and rudder, kept inside.

After lifting if off the car and removing the contents, total assembly time would be about 10 minutes.

Reward: Demo unit
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By Steve
Since it already has a lid, you could also use it as a coffin in case you had an accident while kayaking. :-b
By spuuut
claykemper, I think its a good idea, it would be easier to alter a rotomolded plastic kayak into a car carrier than to design it the other way around. The only decision would be to decide if it would be a 'sit on' or 'sit in' kayak. The former would require a separate lid to be used when utilised as a carrier and the latter would have greater volume for storage but still require a locking lid. Brett.

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