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By sneezyalex
It dosn't have to just be the homeless. Regular people like you and me could do it too. There is no reason to target just the homeless. }:-)
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By Steve
Seems like this thread is drifting away from the original topic. The idea I believe was to give companies an incentive to donate free clothes for the homeless by letting them print ads on them (obviously, such an incentive is needed as they are not doing it for free). :-? Let's not make this a brainstorming thread about advertising methods in general. ;-)
By piman
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A similar advertising tact was used in a small downtown area of Portland, OR where panhandlers are prevelent. Pizza Schmizza paid panhandlers to hold signs instead of asking for money. This is not quite clothing, but very similar.

However, the last few times I was in Portland I did not see these signs, so the campaign has most likely been discontinued.

After having worked in multiple dense urban downtown areas, I believe that few businesses would be willing to pay the cost to do this. Pizza Schmizza provided "some money" and free food. However, I am sure any large company would be subject to minimum wage laws. In downtown Portland thats $7.25/hour (3rd highest in country i believe). For a restaurant, there are about 7 "peak hours" of travel (10-2, 4-7). If you want to hire these people for all of those peak hours, thats $50.75 a day and $253.75 for a 5 day week. And you'll need more than just one...

The question still remains: Is turning a person into a human billboard "right"? Is it "right" to define these people's world simply by the advertisements they hold or wear?
By tolychok
Is it just me or is a completly unsuccesful person who drinks most likely does drugs and swears at any one not giving it money not the best advertising idea would'nt they either burn a sandwich board or have it as housing.Say you used a T-shirt they're a perpetually dirty people so would'nt it be hard to see over the grime.But you can always get them to clean themselves up and get their life on track, but that would defeat the purpose of advertising on the down-and-out. :-/
By Jansher
I had this same idea myself a while ago. I have a few ideas that would make it work

1) Washing powder companies or any cleaning based products would be interested. In the uk one company has the slogan "keep your whites whiter than white". They could then help the homless people scrub up and look amazing. This would help with health and hygene etc.

2) We could also advertise on kids by doing sponsorship deals (like football teams) on their school uniform

3) We could link to a dry cleaning/laundry service, i.e we will wash your clothes if you have a small add space on each item.

4) Could we stretch the idea to advertising on military personel? They do get alot of headlines. <this idea is a bit of a joke one>.
By es
If the homeless can walk into the middle of a congested highway in order to bum spare change from commuters, or squirt dirty water on my windshield which forces me to pay him/her to clean it off so that I don't wreck trying to make it to the next traffic light, why not allow him to sell his back for advertising? There's some guy who auctioned off his friggin forehead on ebay for advertising. Homeless people aren't retarded, if you'll forgive the politically incorrect term. They're substance addicts, they're mentally ill, and, hmm, some have even fallen on hard times. And many times, they're mentally ill AND substance addicts! Don't think for a second if you don't pay them to slap an ad on their backs in order to score some crack money, they're suddenly going to clean up and find a place to live. No one would be "taking advantage" of them. So...

Okay, having said that, how about allowing only public service advertising on the backs of the homeless? You know, milk carton pics of missing children? "Don't smoke" campaigns? Catchy "Just Say No" anti-drug slogans? Public service or not public service, the homeless would laugh all the way to the bank... or the shooting gallery. Oh, maybe they'd actually squirrel away the money, find shelter, food, clothing, and medical treatment of their choosing, or an apartment... perhaps they'd turn the enterprise into a successful one-man business. The homeless aren't a subclass of human; they are protected by the same laws as any other vulnerable populations in the U.S. It's illogical to assume that all homeless people are vulnerable, mentally ill people, and that the only thing standing between them and being turned into corporate prostitutes is that we don't allow them to wear a sign... they are not all being held captive to their circumstances, and they would not be agreeing to this advertising under "duress" anymore than they are already messing up my commute! It's a GREAT idea to allow the homeless to pick up some cash doing something besides harassing me at every other traffic signal in town. ;o
By pimpmyride

it looks like some cat has already taken to this idea. rofl I can't tell if its for real or if its a joke.
By jaytb
I laughed out loud. It is good to see people have a sense of humor. To people who may say this takes away the homeless persons dignity, I ask - what dignity? They are on the street begging for money. I do feel it is a shame that we have homelessness in our modern society. Lots of them are mentally ill and they deserve proper care, however many of them have made the choice to give up on life and if anything all they need is a good motivational session. How many rags to riches stories do we hear everyday?

Anyway about bumvertising obviously a company would have to think seriously about wanting to align itself with a homeless person, it might work for a poker site, but obviously not a management consulting company.
By GadgetmanKen
The pokerfacebook ad might be a bad way to advertise for the homeless. At first glance I thought "is this bum really down and out or, is this a poker face?". I've heard that lots of bums really bring in the bucks, and when they do they are out there everyday in the same spot. So how can you tell they are down and out, other than the obvious Passed out. The ones pushing shopping carts would almost be a given. They seem like at least they are out there tryin to survive. Maybe Goodwill Industries would be a good one to advertise for. The bum with a Give to Goodwill shirt would at least help some of the down and out. With free tee shirts with the goodwill ads on them and perhaps a free dinner ticket for them. At least they might be fed one meal a day. Now say a liquor store with an add on them might anger a lot of people because they most likely (the bum) will be getting free, or discounted liquor, or be complained about for encouraging the alcoholism, or their lifestyle.
By tennisjunkie
With slight variation, this idea is in use here in south florida.

Homeless people are employed advertising for local businesses. They carry signs (they don't wear them) but they are out there doing the work just the same and some are actually well known now by passers by.

There is one such fella near my house. He smiles and waves to drivers and points to his sign. He dances around to draw attention and I people in their cars smaile back and wave to him also.

This is all good, right?

By the way - the guy I am talking about advertises for a bedding company! I can't even tell you what they are selling on tv - but I remember this guy and his product. He's doing a GREAT job!
By CreativeGene
If moral highground is at stake why not print on t-shirts, for instance:

"Gucci adopted me and gave me this shirt. All they ask is that you do your part - in small change"

Corporate Social Responsibility, Branding, and much more sorted in a humane and credible way.
By Plumbing123
Maybe the homeless should all find a way to put their selves on you tube. They seem to be getting better opportunities than the ones that just sit around. That Ted Williams guy has a contract for a few million, maybe the others could take heed.

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