Submissions that have been rejected by the Creativity Pool. - The Docks aren't necessarily the final destination, if a broken idea gets fixed it may travel to a more appropriate category.
By afn48786
This idea uses new RFID technology. first a line would be painted on your yard via supplied instructions. Then using a gun-like applicatior a RFID would be shot into the ground, following your line at 2 ft intervales. The nice thing about RFID is they are all numbered different. so you can program a robotic lawnmower fitted with a RFID sensor to follow the sequence of numbers. This has both commercial and residental applications.

Reward: A firm handshake, freebe system and product development involvement. A dissucsion of possible licensing.
By Stephan Lutter
i fear this already exists. moreover, mind the reward-rules, please.
By Dinoduck94
Nobody likes to mow the lawn... its a chore, and chores are boring. So what if we had a small circular robot that mowed your lawn for you. It could be remote controlled (more fun that walking and pushing the thing); it could follow a given path installed that you set up (so you can just leave it to do its thing); or maybe it follows laser trackers that are marked at the boundaries that it can mow. This would be a helpful commodity that would save people time and effort to sit back down and watch the game. I mean it's fairly easy to do something like this with today's technology, the hard part would be to write the software, which i have no idea on. So this is free to anybody who can right the software and build the working electronics of it.

Reward: A working end product and recognition for the original idea.

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