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Animals have a short period when the male and female animals are in heat, and you must wait for the right time, place, and seasons to breed newborns. If you could give an animal a drug similar to "Viagra", then you could have them breed on the spot and not wait hours for the process of mating or other factors.

You could easily breed a prize animal for future prize animals before the animal can no longer breed over the years where they can produce offspring. This would allow for cheaper prize animals to the point where only the gestation period is the only factor. We could get a large number of the best of breed instead of just a few which would preserve the quality of purchased animals or pets as well.

Reward: A field and a Preakness winning Horse!
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By AaronBurns
A much needed "Thank you!" to Steve for seeing that this is possible.
If that's not why it's here then it's okay too! ;-D

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