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By rags
Dear folks,
I am Raghu, an inventor e-mailing you from India. I have been involved in inventing for the last ten years or so. I have a list of fifteen odd new ideas but I have had the strength and time to develop two products for which I have applied for provisional patents.
My first invention deals with consumer products. This is an automatic condiment dispenser that can do the following. A) Dispense pepper automatically in varying amounts, b) dispense salt automatically in varying amounts, c) dispense a mixture of pepper and salt automatically in varying proportions, for e.g., ten percent pepper and ninety percent salt or eighty percent pepper and twenty percent salt or an equal amount of both etc., and d) prevent clogging of apertures and e) automatically close itself when not in use.
My second invention is a device to be used in offices. This present invention relates to manual stapler units. More specifically it is a manual stapler unit with three individual stapler units that can be operated individually or as group. Said units can be moved individually along a horizontal axis. This device has an alignment box that allows the user to align the stapler precisely anywhere on the surface of the paper. The above mentioned combination of the individual stapler movement in a horizontal axis and the movement of the alignment box empowers the user to execute the following processes.
a) Staple one pin on the top end of a set of papers.
b) Staple two or three pins along the margin of a set of papers.
c) Vary the distance between the staple pins in order to staple papers of varying sizes.
d) Staple one, two or three pins on a set of papers in the center while producing brochures or catalogues.
e) Vary the distance between the stapler pins in order to accommodate very large size brochures / catalogues or very small size brochures / catalogues.
f) Executive all afore mentioned acts with absolute precision resulting in a completely error free job.
g) Reduce the time taken to execute a stapling job.
Now my problem is that I live in India and it is extremely difficult to get a new invention developed here. I do not have the financial resources to travel to the U. S. and meet with V C s angels etc, nor do I have money to employ agencies to market my inventions. Any help/guidance from anyone will be deeply appreciated. Believe me I have tried every avenue including contacting invention development firms, product scouts, invention marketing agencies etc, all to no avail. I am willing to take on a partner who could help me commercialize my inventions on a profit sharing basis. For extra details please get in touch with me – Thank you.
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By AaronBurns
I would get in touch with the producers of various trade shows and ask them if they know of a patron of theirs deals in products similar to yours in office supplies or equipment and get some email addresses here in America to see if they would be willing to share a prototype of your ideas and sales for a percentage of end net profits.
The grass roots effort of starting any product is a trade show and some may want your product to complete a share of quality precision office products which they could add to their line of inventions and show them around the USA. ;-D
Good luck!

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