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By The Herb Lady
I have been putting herbal remedy teas together for over 25 years and sold them to friends, family and even ended up with customers from all over the world through ebay.

My problem is I just didn't know how to get them marketed and after all these years some of the teas I do have made it to the shelves of stores. (by other people with the same idea or my idea?)

At the request of friends, family and customers I ended up doing a book at Lulu of my recipes. One recipe I won't give up to the public is my Hair Growth Tea though. It is amazing and works. It even makes the fingernails really strong and grow fast because you massage it into the scalp.

Any ideas on how to find investors or someone who would be interested in marketing this?

I don't know if this is allowed but you can see my book at

Thanks everyone and this is a great site.

By InventR
Did'nt see any Tea's on yr website. Why don't you try collaborating and selling them through people already doing similar stuff.

I grew up on a tea estate by the way. The son of an old friend of my dad's started this site

Check it out and like I said ask people who have the experience and are doing something similar would probably love to add to their product range for a small percentage of sales.

Hope this helps.

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