Taking pride in what you did at home or elsewhere? Want to recommend it to others? This is your chance!
By shirley kellam
I truly want your opinion, advice and direction to a dream and goal I want to offer and share with the whole world. I believe in myself and my ideas....I am a passionate and dedicated recycler - the 'creative recycler'. I design, create and produce beautiful boutique quality products from what most consider trash/consumer-waste/common everyday throw-aways. All my many and varied products can be produced for only pennies per item. All that is needed is my "How-To" Recycle With Me guides which include patterns, instructions and everything necessary to know to produce these products.

Questions are asked, how we can reduce and recycle this so-called unwanted trash. Well, first of all it is not trash, most of what gets thrown away is not trash, but rather very useable material. I have a lot of answers as to where this very useable trash is (usually right in your own home, office or business) and what to do with it, to produce these fully developed products.

We are burying our kids and all future generations in trash, our land fills are now overflowing! Let me show you how to use this so called trash. Just to name a few of the products that I have thus far developed and perfected are:

- Complete room furnishing (all furniture & accessories) for both Barbie and miniature
- Picture frames and decorative boxes all sizes and shapes
- Stationary, notes, invitations and envelopes
- Millinery (hats), handbags, totes, luggage and shoes all scaled for Barbie and miniature
- Many more gift type items.

And, yes, all for only pennies. This is the perfect way to recycle and reduce all the waste that we now generate. Your opinion - would this idea fly?

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