Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By ramuvsign
First we will discuss about Magnet; When Two Opposite poles are nearby they will attract each other, when two similar poles are near by they will reple each other.

Earth is the magnet which have south and north poles. Earth have gravitational force. That means it attracts the things with in its circle.

Earth behaves According to the Magnetic properties, By using this logic if we make any element which reples with earth, It is easy to move on surface(like Airplanes and Navigation vehicles).

That means If people who are nearby north pole use an element which have north pole towards earth side, and people who are nearby north pole use an element which have south pole towards earth side, the Friction coefficent will reduce give more milage and less pollution.
By ani
I have similiar idea to create some thing which oppose gravitational force.I thought is if we through something with force it will remain in air still it has that force in it.like throwing a ball in air.

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