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By grin_eyez
every country is faced with trash problem. we are running out of place to dump it. why not someone invent a solution 'chemical' or 'mechanical' to address this problem? chemical solution might mean a single drop of it will shrink the trash around 40-50%. or a mechanical solution might mean 'to compress' the trash 40 -50% so it will occupy less reduce volume of the present problem. or better yet 'throw it' in outer space or into the 'black hole' or something. hmmm easier said than done...and yet...hei its just an idea...what do you think??
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By AaronBurns
I have thought about this and my answer was to use two methods and first we burn it with fuels in a standard way and then we chemically alter the toxic gasses for use as a fuel or just change it to a recyclable dilutable form that is completely harmless to filter into the ground as compost and use the garbage waste to grow food in parts of the World where regular compost wouldn't be strong enough to stand up too the harsh environment. ;-D
By Rachel R
Why dispose of or destroy discarded items?

It is the repository of everything we need to make the next generation of goods.

Can we use the methane produced in landfills to power cities?

Can we mine the landfills and recover the raw materials and get what we need chemically?

It may be that a generation of trash is a both a source and a resource.

Rachel R
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By AaronBurns
Analyze all components and chemicals and use all processing techniques to turn it immediately into what it will be in 5000 Years any way.
Compressed coal or composted dirt depending on the methods used to process it... ;-D
By ShotgunNinja
Two words:



Just bombard it with free atoms or something like that until all molecular links are broken. It's like a tumbler crossed with a firing range, on molecular level.

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