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By Paul R. Belleau
Billboards become holographic projections. Starts with a holographic projector on the ground pointing upwards. Ad is loaded on disk and placed in projector. Ad can move, rotate in 3-D. And when paid ad time is over, the projector turns off and people can look at the surrounding scenery.

Reward: I get to concept some of the ads for new holographic billboards.
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By Michael D. Grissom
If holograms work for bill boards then why not use the same technology to bring back drive-in (3D) theaters?

I designed a holographic turnstile for production next fall so, I really like holographics.

The tough part would be to make your signs unattractive enough to prevent them from attracting the eyes of drivers long enough to cause an accident.
Holograms don't really "grab" your attention other than the fact that they are 3 dimensional. A white billboard with big letters and eye-catching colors is more appealing when it comes to marketing/advertising.

I think this billboard idea will go in a "digital" direction instead. They'll most likely be like huge plasma TVs or smaller theatre screens. Even without the 3-D effect, they'll be enjoyably sharp with a lot of depth.

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