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By xilefdoowrah
Firstly, I'd like to expalin that I am a schoolkid, and everything here is straight from the 'horse's' mouth.I am against the whole idea of education as we know it, allthough it is tried and tested, and has been thuroughly refined, I feel we have (nearly) reached the end of its usefulness.

Let me explain: Imagine a man, tied to a tree by bungie. His one and only goal in life is to pick up a brick and move it further up the garden. At the beginning it is easy, and the brick moves quickly up the garden. Eventually the elasticity of the bungie kicks in and it is harder and harder to move it, eventually it doesn't move any further. This represents mankind's scientific advance, the brick dictating the current extent of our knowlage. He has to move (learn) all the relavent things before him, to understand where to go next and push on, and with every step the brick moves forwards, it's another step future man has to learn.

Anyway, my idea is this: a school that is mainly a huge library, containing almost everything on anything (probably electronic). Pupils who attend will be (basically) told what subject they will have to learn and what the end test will contain, then the pupil goes off and finds out about it. If the pupil doesn't really understand, then he can call the teacher back and ask for some guidance, but basically the pupil is on his own. If he can't do a cirtain subject then he doesn't have to do it, simple as that. He's allowed to wander around and find somthing he likes/is interested in and ask to learn that, the teachers will set the test accordingly.

In this way, the education is entirely voluntary, and pupils will only learn what they want to, at their own pace and with no pressure.
General life skills (maths and things) will be obligatory but only in the basic sence.

In this way, people will become as good as they could possibly be, as fast as they can cope with it all, in only the subjects they really enjoy, meaning that they can pick up and carry the metaphorical brick much earlier on, furthering our understanding in everything.

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