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By notthenameiwant
Similar to those Dr. Scholl gel inserts, only instead of gel that can change shape, fill them with a fast-setting 2-part silicone mold. When you open them, squishing them with your fingers would mix the 2-part mold together (think lightsticks where you break the inside shell to combine the 2 liquids) and the curing would begin. Then you would place them inside your shoes, followed by your feet. In a couple minutes you would have a shoe cushion that perfectly conforms to the underside of your foot.

By the way, you can do this on your own as seen here: ... serts.html

But with my idea, it would be much simpler and you wouldn't have to worry about measuring or making a mess. BTW, I've never used a Dr. Scholl insert before, but I'm assuming they don't make a perfect mold of your foot- correct me if I'm wrong.

Reward: Free inserts for me and my family's shoes.
By Stephan Lutter
Please mind the site rules - and doesn't something almost identical already exist?
By notthenameiwant
I wasn't aware I broke any site rules- are links not allowed?

What already exists that's identical to this? If there is something- I couldn't find it- so please provide a link if that's the reason why my thread was moved here. What I'm suggesting is a foot mold that actually cures to a semi-hard rubber, molding your foot. The ones on the market that I've seen are either the gels or the orthopedic kind that eventually conform to your foot with use (memory foam material). And from what I've heard those ones eventually wear out and are thrown out.

I can understand why you would confuse this with shoe inserts that are already on the market, similar they are, however, my idea involves using an entirely different material that would let consumers make their own custom, orthopedic shoes. The only methods I know to do this now is to have the whole shoe custom made, or by using the raw materials as shown in the link I provided...
I don't understand, either, what rule you are breaking. I may have broken the same rule for my Random Russian Roulette Shocker, but it isn't clarified. I was also told to simply read the rules, which requires as much energy as telling me what rule was broken. But I am still not clear, and neither are you.

I also ran across the "doesn't something like that exist?" and then when I asked for a link, nothing. (i am referring to my Movie Popcorn Clip: apparently the site moderator lives in a place where the movie popcorn comes in a containers small enough to fit in a drink holder).

I had high hopes for this place, but when your and my ideas get docked, but the "5 year marriage contract" doesn't, I think I am in the wrong place.

BTW, I like your idea. if anything similar exists, it is something you mold to your feet, then send the mold in to get a custom insert. Your idea is different, but apparently not different enough. Now if we could only invent a mind reading device....

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