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By 'The One'
We all seem to end up as unnatural devils in this life, with our eyes below our ears, whereas if we didn't use artificial things like computers and equipment, and jus relied on ourselves, without speaking, just being animals, we would find that we enjoy life better without them.

Evil seems to be winning in this world at the moment. I've found that after messing up many things in the past, I have now attained a new power of being able to make other people mess up just by letting one of my eyes move back.

It's kept on happening and I've tried and tested it, it can't be just a coincidence aftyer that many times.

Also, if people didn't speak much in their older age, they would find that they could open their minds to new things a lot easier and find it more fulfilling doing physical things rather than a stress, and we wouldn't look so evil doing these things either. I swear, people have got mentality and physicality the wrong way round. In other words, where I live anyway, people seem to look like they're thinking a lot when exercising, and when they're in a class or something, they look as if they should be doing something physical, when actually they're just listening to the lecturer or quickly writing something.

Or maybe it's just me who's got them the wrong way round...

There's something fishy going on nowadays...and I don't really trust the authorities, like many other people...

Also, I'd just like to say, people from cultural backgrounds should not lose their sense of culture and where they've come from. If you do, you feel awful. You feel like your spirit has been dragged out of you. Places where culture is not so strong feel fake and ruin cultural things.

I believe that one day, hopefully, all humans can live a continuous life without feeling like we've died several times, and without forgetting many important good memories, and without having to analyse things all the time.

If people live on Mars one day, I just hope that we don't make the same mistakes we've made on this planet.

Considering all of this that I've mentioned, life is still actually good, and we all can't help making mistakes sometimes, and sometimes certain mistakes lead to other good things, and some people say that apparently everything (or most things) happen for a reason anyway, but still, let's not try to make too many mistakes... ;-) :-? ;-D :-)
By 'The One'
Only joking, evil's only an idea of how people consider good and bad. It's probably not 'winning' even if it does 'exist'. But still, we should be careful because you never know, I might still be right about what I've said in the passage above... :-]

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