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All animals and fish and bird (Land, Sea and Air) respond to sound, but sound is no more than vibration if you simply look into modern speakers. The brain responds directly to types of electrical vibration and flucuation.(Also a new Mental Therapy). If you send out multiple-frequencies in a strong wave you can attract all creatures for what ever reason(Hunting/Photography/Tagging/Tracking/Relocating). Seizures in Human Brains happen when one or more frequencies hit the brain. What makes my device special (How ever simple) is you simply use several sliders on the device to specifically match what creature you would like to attract when each slider sends out a different wave. Since every brain (Human/Creature) responds to different vibrations (Waves/Frequencies) you need to emit several until you achieve results. After that you need to just add a fish finder type (Radar/Sonar) too see them coming when in range and mark the waves that work for you. A simple test is too make low, continous sounds with your mouth or a dog whistle and watch your cat or dog freak! How ever you should never be mean to pets.

Reward: Too help attract animals for safe research (Relocation) rather than killing them!

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