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By bgin
Coffee drinkers get stained teeth. I average 1 pot of coffee a day (10 cups) and my teeth suffer horribly. If you can bleach sugar, flour, etc. etc..... how come not coffee grounds? I would drink clear coffee. I know they have water that is caffeinated but I don't like water, it's not the same. Pour me a hot cup of clear JOE!!!

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By Ideamonger
Do you really want to drink coffee after either the beans or the grounds have been bleached so as to not stain you teeth? Why not just bleach your teeth and save some time?
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By Michael D. Grissom
I'm sure some ingénues chemical engineer can remove the staining color and replace it with non-staining color OR add a chemical that prevents the original coffee from staining OR genetically alter the coffee bean to eliminate the color in the first place (probably the best way to go). The problem would be getting people to buy it.

Remember the guy who invented the almost completely silent but most powerful vacuum cleaner and never could successfully market it because women buy most of the vacuum cleaners and women said that "it just doesn't SOUND powerful". To save the company he added a device to MAKE NOISE so that women would think is was powerful but they were offended by the attempted trickery. The company went under. So, I'm thinking that both men and women would think that the new coffee just doesn't LOOK like it is strong enough. hmmm Is there a food coloring out there that doesn't stain and could be added to the clear coffee bean coffee?

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