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By M. Jelley
Not sure if this is feasible, but for those of us who have cramped space in our homes, it would help to have ONE machine that both washes & dries clothes. I know there are stackables, but, hey, what if you ever have to move it when it needs repair? A single double-duty machine is much more maneuverable than a double-decker. Oh, & let me not forget, the system should come complete with Dryel, and also those thingamagigs that preclude the need for separating whites from colored!
By R Mason
They do exist and are commonplace in the UK.
By Redline
They used to be quite common in the States, but then the manufacturers figured out that they could make more money with separate pieces of equipment.
By phboynton
They exist on Continental Europe as well, by known manufacturers as AEG, Siemans etc - but they have one idiotic feature - the drying capcity is usually half the washing 'coz wet clothes weigh more than dry.....
Hover made a mini washer/dryer combination, it was on rollers, so it could be in a closet when not in use. It wasn't fit for more than a couple of changes of clothes, and was popular with owners of house trailers and small apartments.
By Lisa
They are used in Europe.
By Lucy
They are commonplace in the UK. There is a major flaw though - the more functionality you put in one box, the more likely something will go wrong and you cant use anything. Thats maybe why the American market went back to separates.
By Gaynor
I have had one for the past 3 years. The only downside (apart from taking ages to dry) is that the dryer will only take half the load of the washer so you have to take some of the load out.

What about a double decker washer/dryer.
8- ;-D :~( :-D
By master J
Somebody could although improve upon the existing design, solving problems that led to its minority standing in the U.S. market. These machines both utilize barrel spin tech. So why have two barrels. Have swivels on the side of the machine to change the angle of rotation; no need to even remove the clothes, easier for the machine to turn 45 degrees and optimize user time, save space......

By az2002
What about this...
A stacked washer dryer unit, with the washer on top, and the washer having a top mounted motor, and having an exposed bottom, with a hinged section on the drum. - and a top loading dryer underneath... - simply rotate the washer's drum till the "door" lines up with the bottom, and open the release, dropping all your wet cloths straight from the washer into the dryer... - Could even be timer controled. - Still maintains the functionality of seperate units, while gaining the efficency of a quick washer/dryer transfer with none of the effort.

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