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By anil_kumar
Every body ,especially in asia has experienced
the devastating potential of misuse of political powers.
Now "War on Iraq" ,where many americans are against the war is being waged.UN is just exists in peace times (for develop word ofcourse).Most of the politicians are corrupt,in-competent!
Power brings malice....
So,Whats the solution?

Most of the parties in any countries have an election campaign where they highlight their priorities and the plan of action.I think we can have computer to manage the work(Giving instruction ,what work to do when).We can add heuristics to deal with contigencies.In case of critical problem(Nuclear BOMB), we can have interference of emotions!

We can have previous knowledge added to the system and ensure redundancy in case of emotional decision(majority vote between course of action suggested by different intellegient systems).

more suggestons are awaited.......

Reward: A beautiful and peaceful world :)
By jacobpatrick
i think one way of cutting out corruption from pollitics,
is have them all do there buisiness publically over the internet and have them never actually meet face to face,
in which case they would never have a chance to anything corrupt because anything said from one pollitician to another is broadcast over the net.
and if we didnt like there pollitics (mr blair)we could just vote them out.
and maybe shorten a term from 4 years too 2.

we would still have to have an intelligence office working with a defence agency in private somewhere.
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By swimmer
well ask me about politics . i live in lebanon and its all corrupt . our country has been unstable since 1914 .

politicians only think about themselves , and how they can make money and build catles .

because politics is a source off money in our country . their should be a law were politicians cannot own more tha 200,000$ of properties and bank money . and if they wish to have more they will have to resign . so the greed for money will stop .

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