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By bdetchevery
I have recently become a new dad. My daughter has learned to drink from the 'sippy cups' but she always wants to drink from a regular cup... and often it doesn't work very well :-)

I notice that many of the caps for pop bottles and containers are universal, so perhaps a 'sippy style' only top that I can carry around and attach to the pop or juice containers as needed.

Reward: Happy babies around the world
By diyisan
Babies and small children should not be drinking soda or sugary "juice" that you suggest. The children would be getting a root canal at age 9 if you keep on like this- I know because a coworker of mine's children have 14 fillings each and are ages 9 and 12. Wow. These kids need water. They also both have full function Razor cell phones. Why? Can't these just be children and learn the habits of health??? (I do get frustrated about the issue) When children are old enough to make these decisions and know the consequences, then they can drink all the 2liters they want. They should drink water and milk. Put it in a tippy cup.


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