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By 'The One'
People who LOOK evil and dress extreme aren't actually evil, they're just more like animals and have more heightened senses, etc.
Tony Blair believes that it was a good idea to invade Iraq, because of his belief in Christianity. I believe in Christianity, but taking into consideration all of the other religious beliefs that people believe in, how could one person decide on going to war because they believe certain *beep* are in the axis of 'evil'. The ideas of good and evil are so screwed up, it's reasonably difficult what to make out is real good and evil anymore...although, I'm sure this topic has been discussed way too many times already. :-?

We can tell what is real good and real evil by realising in GENERAL terms what they are...For example, 'devil whispering' is more likely to not be a message from the 'devil' or 'possession' by the so called 'devil', (I don't believe in hell nor the devil). I think that it's just if the person is trying to let out air from their lungs if they had taken in too much air or smoke or something, or too much negative energy or had too many negative thoughts.

Interesting thoughts... :-? B-)
By 'The One'
Sorry, that is not what I meant. I don't believe that animals are evil. On the contrary, I agree with you, HUMANS are the more 'evil' creature. I don't know how to explain it. Basically, different species of animal all look different. For example, everyone is afraid of the Great White Shark because it 'looks evil'. Although, this is only because the looks aid the fact that it is one of the oceans best predators...but this doesn't mean it's 'evil'. It's just the way it was brought up.

Basically, there is no 'evil' as such, because everything just does what it can to survive, and there are so many different LOOKS different animals have, that you couldn't call something evil for the way it looks.

So, for example, if a human being, in real life had the type of eyebrows that cartoon bad guys have (the 'v' shaped eyebrows), then it would only be that they're more like animals, not that that person is evil. Tigers, for example, have those 'v' shaped eyebrows.

Also, no one person should have the right to control such God-like power as an atom bomb, or ANY bomb for that matter. It's absurd, I agree, that anyone, for any reason, should be allowed to invade a country, kill thousands of innocent people, call that country a 'land of terror' or 'land of evil' or whatever, all based on THEIR beliefs and simply stupid misjudgments. :-[

I've found that it is the smug, comfortable people who seem to make up these ideas since they have the power, and then they use these 'grand theories' on people who have no idea of their plans. :-[
By 'The One'
Also, some people will feel better with active people and some will feel better with calm people. It depends on what kind of mood a person is in anyway, calm people can be active and active people can be kind, I know.

I only meant animals as in tribal people who are in enclosed communities, and goths for example...because alot of them are calmer than they look... :-?
By 'The One'
So true! It makes you think that psychoopaths themselves are just too clever for their own good and so the government take advantage of them or something, and get them caught in dodgy positioons where people can call them evil...or something. (I am NOT a 'psychopath' by the way, so don't worry). I think though that it's definitely way too harsh for the animals. How blumin' evil can you get, eh?!?...and because of the fact they can't speak in any human language!!!

By 'The One'
A very good point there. They should make space for important wild life so to speak, and there are always schemes being made in the background, which shouldn't be allowed to happen. Also, I believe there is only so much sympathy you can have for the 'bad guy' as it were. No-one must give REALLY BAD people the chance to do their bad deeds. It's true, there have to be laws and boundaries otherwise there would be chaos!

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