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By 'The One'
I was thinking, maybe many disabled people of all different kinds hold the key to some of life's many unexplored areas, not just in the physical sense, but maybe because many of them think differently, for example, people with things even like asperger's syndrome and dyslexia, could apply their skills to things like ideas for films or computer/video games or something...specific camera shots you wouldn't normally see for example.

I think there aren't enough films and computer/video games from the PERSPECTIVE of people who have these types of disabilities. It would be interesting to see 1st person perspectives in a day in the life of people with these disabilities for example.

Also, they see the world as alot more difficult than others alot of the time, so they most likely reflect on things alot more too...There are a whole stream of ideas you could come up with for them. Instead of being from someone else's perspective, it could be from theirs.

Apart from films, of course, maybe politicians should not just hear about, but they should UNDERSTAND how it is for disabled people. Maybe people in general should just experiment with themselves more, but by finding a way of not losing their own personality while doing it...if they found a way of prolonging their personality, bringing it back after experimenting to see what things are like for other people...Of course, many people probably already do this, but there are many who stiil wouldn't dare, for whatever reason...Maybe it's best if we don't mess around too much, but mind you, our environment has been messed around with alot already...but we must not ditract from our MAIN goals in life, which are our responsibilty on our own (although you must be careful in life, because sometimes you may find you are being which case it wouldn't be fair to put the blame on you. Usually people can tell if you're being controlled, so if you can, never allow yourself to become a 'ROBOT of society'. Instead, decide to control yourself if you can, under any circumstances.). B-)
By Gavin.Philips
I like the way you think!

I have met many people with different disabilities who will absolutely blow you away with their insight or interesting point of view. Of course, we have seen savants as characters in film already (Rain Man, A Beautiful Mind, etc.), but it would be nice to see them behind the camera more. There are many programs whose entire goal is to enable people with disabilities to work, and I'm sure they would love to hear the idea of exploring the creativity of people with disabilities in the realms of film, music, games, etc.

I'm actually trying to find a job (part time possibly) for a friend with muscular dystrophy now. He can't do much but move his thumbs, and he uses an XBox 360 controller to control his gaming consoles and PC. It would be great for him to make a little money, have something important to do, and be more productive. Possibly the best part would be that the previously mentioned organizations have funds that are set aside specifically for helping people with disabilities work. So, if he could find a job like that, those funds would be available to help him acquire important equipment. His family certainly can't afford $10,000+ for a new wheelchair, which he needs badly, but a job could make it happen.

Many people actually theorize that Bill Gates as Asperger Syndrome, and that Albert Einstein probably did as well. =P

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