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By 'The One'
Believe it or not, I think that a cause of REAL insanity is to do with both aerobic and anaerobic respiration. For example, if you never get any exercise, you are only using aerobic respiration which is meant for sleep, sex, relaxing, etc. and which is used when you are trying to think DEEPLY...whereas anaerobic is meant for exercise and quick thinking.

Anaerobic = Exercise, initiative and instinct (quick thinking).

Aerobic = Sleep, sex, relaxing, eating, etc...

This is the reason that some people go insane. It is because they get the two mixed up, or they ALREADY have the two mixed up by confusing thoughts and other things like pressure to complete certain tasks...

There have always been two sides, there has never been a set version of who is 'good' and who is 'evil' but there HAVE always been two sides. It can be seen everywhere. (e.g. Rock and guitar bands versus R & B and rap for example, even though at first it seems that it is just because they are two separate genres.) Light and dark are two others, without referring to skin colour at all, night and day...It goes on.

I think all that it is is that certain people prefer to do more anaerobic respiration and other people prefer to do more aerobic respiration. If it's not this then of course, it's a mix of other things too.

I think what so called 'insane' people need to do is to remember that to return to controlling themselves, they need to think of something then only think of half the thought then stop themselves from thinking of the rest of it. Then they just need to keep doing this for any thoughts which pop into their head after this.

Then there is the theory that everyday more common people are insane because of the sheer amount of things they think about at once when this isn't their fault, and they don't control their thoughts, and anyway, it feels better not to have to control yourself all of the time.

People who try to control themselves all the time are the insane ones because how can you just live in control all the time. What a nightmare that would be. There is a way of controlling yourself that feels good though, and I think that people shouldn't always have to end things on a downer. Maybe my ideas would work the opposite way for some people because there are so many different people with different ways of thinking...We'll see what happens in a few years time...

:-? B-) :-)
By 'The One'
I believe that people don't realise that secretly, many of the government and authorities generally are most likely to be the insane ones, but it is hard to tell alot of the time. What do you think anyway. It differs...
By 'The One'
You hit the nail on the head there, yeah, I like Americans too, and the president...well...I think he should take some time out at that school he visited in that short filming before the 9/11 attack. (I hope that didn't come out wrong...!) :-) ;-)
By 'The One'
LOL, you have a good point my friend.

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