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By 'The One'
This might sound absurd...but I think that because we all try to keep our backs up straight AND manage so many tasks during the day, that maybe, since also we evolved from apes who are low on the ground on all fours...that means we all have to begin crawling again, as absurd as it may sound...It would certainly make everyone happy because we would all be laughing WITH each other rather than AT each other, because it would probably look silly at first...

Also, we would all be returning to being more like animals and we would all find that we are more flexible that way and that we can be happier that way, not worrying what we look like so much. We would become better at running too because we would be leaning our weight forwards rather than keeping it squashed together.

:-) :-) ;-D

And for the people who don't bend themselves forward very much, they have to not bend forward at all I guess...

...or is my theory the whole wrong way round...?... :-? :-[
By 'The One'
More evidence for this theory is that alot of people who constantly try to retain a balance in posture by standing completely upright usually recede and lose hair more easily (the men do anyway), but for the women, it's probably the other way around...

...or maybe it is because people who are built for being intellectual try to do mostly physical work, and people built for physical work try to be too intellectual...

In the end, receding, loss of will to do things is generally caused by stress and by not doing something fulfilling in the spare time you have...so then I guess to be immortal (in mind anyway) you have to be able to enjoy every moment you have alive wherever you are...and to be 'star'...or to not enjoy every moment you have alive...

Hmmm...Do not experiment with trying to not enjoy a moment of your life - IT WILL BE A WASTE OF TIME...because that is totally against the idea of living. :-°

Just enjoy your life. ;-D :-) B-) :-)
By 'The One'
Also, it might be to do with whether you are a creature who is adapted more to sea, land or air, or a mixture of two or all of these options. These could affect many of your attributes as a living being and affect your metabolism rates, different functions in your brain, etc...

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