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By 'The One'
One of these two paragraphs is true I have found, from general and personal research I have done, although I am not sure which one out of the two.

1. In cold countries, people use up more energy than gain it, and in hot countries, people gain more energy than use it up.


2. In cold countries, people gain more energy than use it up, and in hot countries, people use up more energy than gain it.

Depending on whether you are used to a hot or cold climate makes a big difference to your metabolism rates. And of course it can depend on your actual situation (e.g. whether you have enough food, etc., and if you get enough exercise...but say if you had an equal share of food eaten AND exercise, and were camping for example...Which do you think is true out of the two paragraphs shown above?

Which one is true, or do you have a personal view on this?...What do you think? You may say none are true, or you may say both are...What do you think?...
By 'The One'
Also, it might be to do with whether you are a creature who is adapted more to sea, land or air, or a mixture of two or all of these options. These could affect many of your attributes as a living being and affect your metabolism rates, different functions in your brain, etc...

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