Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By rockydude
Have you ever wondered if computers will ever stop getting smaller? Well what about a computer the size of a penny. So you're probably thinking a computer cant have a screen, mouse, and keyboard that small. Well here it is. A device that straps onto you're hand and can be strapped on or in can be put pocket. The screen projects from a normal tiny projector. The keyboard is projected by nfared lights-this part has already invented but just a smaller projector for that-. The mouse will be projected by the same kind of projector as the keyboard. It will project a pad for the mouse. You move your hand around on the pad for using the mouse. This will have a 200 GB. memory. This seems impossible, but is not so please try it. You may have to invent a shrink ray to shrink the things that go into this computer.

Reward: None.
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By vortexau
Actually, a fictional character of my creation wears a wrist-comp (looks like a metalic bracelet) that operates via mental contact. It uses molecular-memory; mimics many wireless communications bands; and includes just about ANY feature that I want it to have! ;-D
By einstein#2
I saw something like that on SNL. Will Ferel was wearing one on his middle finger. :-D
By jfm1958
This has already been invented. It's called a PDA (personal digital assistant), under several brand names, i.e. Palm. I own one. So. . . your idea isn't so far-fetched after all.
By thatpersonthatiam
Yeah the last reply is pretty much what happens in the matrix. for an even more interesting outlook at what could be done with such a device, read permutation city by greg egan. A character in this book (Peer) is a human mind embodied in a distributed computer network (supposedly common-place in this book). He has, however, made numerous alterations to the way his brain is 'wired' so as to bring his self-awareness to the bare mininum required (ie; he has removed emotions, desire, etc...). He only does this temporarily, though. A micro sized computer that was to interact with the human brain via a BCI (doesn't necessarily have to be embedded in the skull - only the BCI has to) has the potential to create this idea (rewiring perception and consciousness to give alternate personalities, memories, skills, etc...). Of course it could also be used for online social networking via the new 'myspace' and surfing google in your mind to help win trivia contests at the pub on a tuesday night.

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