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By 'The One'
Isn't it true that everyone in the world is actually straight, except that *beep* people are just called *beep* because they're not good at acting straight...?
In that case, alot of straighht people have been wrongly accused, and live in hell every day. Isn't that cruelly wrong that they're not being given the chance to try to become straight again, because as much as I know, I would HATE to be *beep* in this world. Then again, apparently *beep* people say they are proud to be that way...but that's just not possible!! How can they be comfortable

That made me think...all people must be straight, but then they get twisted throughout life, and maybe orientation isn't like how we think of it. Maybe it is just a state of mind. Maybe it is just about what you've had to do to survive, and that you are orientated towards different THINGS which make you the person you are...but to be honest, I could NEVER imagine someone GENUINELY enjoying being a *beep* or *beep*, and I could never imagine it being a NATURAL thing, although I'm sure many gays and lesbians would disagree.

It's got to be just all about the mind, and how that makes you look on the outside. People get so confused throughout life that it's unbelievable...and they just accept the crap that they have to cope with, rather than learning from it, and then thinking that they have to become that wierdo character for the time being just because it becomes the only *beep* character that fits into the situation they're in!! Why can't we just all stop and figure out our problems, even go back (not in the orientational sense) and sort our ruddy problems!! Then things will be off our conscience and we can relax...but then of course we forget, we forget that males and females are similar but also different, because one or both of us have to keep a secret(s), which contribute to your orientation and 'libido' and strength of character, etc...

So, all this leaves me with one question...Actually, I can't remember what that question was...oh dear...

(Also, I mean nothing against 'gays' and 'lesbians' after what I've said, so pleeeeaase don't have a go at me.)
By 'The One'
No worries, I know that there are gays and lesbians out there who are good people and okay to talk to, and after all, my theory is that the idea of orientation is not like that, and that it is not a 'set-in-stone' rule, but instead, that it is about random things you experience and sense throughout life to make you the person you are, and hopefully, the person it makes you is a good person. :> ;) ;D B-)

Hopefully, all this stuff I've typed is true, otherwise it will be me who has a large majority of problems on my hands!! (Lol, not to make you feel insecure about anything of course! lol)
By 'The One'
People are always trying to stick to making sense. I've always thought, don't you think it's best that we don't try to keep sentences making sense all the time, because I've found that when you move house to somewhere new, and there is an accent/language gap between you and other people that really bothers you, don't you feel that sometimes alot of problems are because there is a side of people who have to keep control, and a side who prefer to lose control...ones who feel they have to make sentences make sense all the time, and ones who prefer to make random fun by suddenly coming out with random gobbledeegook...because it's true, and this is one root problem which affects alot of things in the world, because it gets in the way of alot of peoples aims and for other people, it only helps them get what they want...(Am I just rambling here or does this make any sense to you...)

Also, then there's the idea that alot of people see life in film/movie scenes, one after another, (Well I certainly have done at some point, and for a long while too, but not without realising what was real and what was the part I was playing how I had imagined in my head...) very like in 'The Truman Show', when Jim Carrey says "I never had a camera in my head" near the end of the movie...
...and of course you have people who choose not to see it that way, or at least it's more normal for them/us. Also, actors and actresses probably use that ability of imagining a camera is there, because it gives more of an 'on the spot' feel, the feel of being watched, but in the way that you enjoy being tested...but you can't use it all the time. It's not for the best to use it all the time. Then again, I wonder if most or just a few actors and actresses use this ability, and wonder how much they use it.

Anyway there are so many possibilities, etc... :-? B-)
By 'The One'
These days, I can believe that many things exist, that I didn't think could exist. For me, things are a bit different from how they used to be, and I'm sure it's similar for many other people once they reach a particular age.

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