Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
There is a possibility that planet Earth has a binary twin that is on the same orbital plane but in direct orbital opposition to Earth. This direct oppostion has left this planet ( I'd call it Noah 2 because it could some day be our Ark) constantly behind the Sun thus out of our view. Being in the same orbital plane around the Sun as Earth is it probably has the same atmosphere as Earth.
Now the authorities might know about this planet already and are keeping it a secret for psychological and strategic reasons. For all we know this planet might be the home from which all those alien spaceships have come from and where all their abductees have been taken.
You know if the planet is there it's only 3 months travel time to get there, without having to travel at the speed of light or molecular (transporter beam) breakdown travelling through time and space. So why travel for years to get too a barren planet when there could been a new lush Earth that's right around the corner.
That's a fair amount of food for thought. Although, I'm not sure you're the first to ever consider it.

But, from a cosmological perspective, it would be an excrutiatingly unlikely scenario. According to your premise, this 'solar' opposite would have to possess almost exactly the same mass as our earth-moon pair. Otherwise, it would either have a different speed or a different orbit. In either case, the chances are indeed that it would've already been detected by amateur astronomers. So, given that there are admittedly other objects in the solar system (and, hence, that equilibrium would not be a causal factor in the formation of what would be, as you imply, a balanced arrangement) there's no particular reason to suggest that an object of the same mass just happens to be synchronized with us, on the other side of the sun. Of course, it is statistically possible. But, it would be no more likely than, say, a heavier object in a lower orbit. And, if that were the case, there would also be no particular reason why it would just happen to be exactly on the other side, as opposed to some other random location. In any case, it would not be a binary twin, FYI.

But, your scenario raises a couple questions for me:

1) If there was a planet on 'the other side', what makes you think that anything from earth should have detected it by now?

2) If there were things they weren't telling us about, what makes you think it would be this, as opposed to a number of more likely scenarios (a hollow earth being one of them, for example)??
Agent Orange

It wasn't detected from Earth but from one of the "Explorer" missions. One photo of Earth with the Sun in it's background was taken but the Earth should have been on the other side of the Sun on that date.

The hollow Earth was already proffered in "Journey to the Center of the Earth" written many years age. Very good scifi movie from it's day.
Agent Orange

At the distance the photo was taken Earth was just a speck, a little black dot within this giant yellow sun, the particulars that you ask about were not discernable. Mathematically and statistically Earth could very well be a binary planet. There are a great number of binary systems out there. The fact that Earth's orbit is almost a perfect circle allows for the possibility of a twin planet that we can never view from Earth proper. For all we know it could have been right in front of or behind us(Earth) and could have slowed down or sped up some time ago. As we have only been recording what we have seen in the skies for the last 5-8 thousand years, Earth's twin might be on an orbital course that will collide with Earth 10 thousand years from today or maybe sooner.
What then are you basing such a bold conclusion on? the publicized trajectory of the Explorer? certain reference points (spots) on the sun?

Is it possible that the photograph was mis-labeled, or mis-dated?

BTW, this planet of yours would have to be permanently on the other side, for all practical purposes. Otherwise it would have already crashed into earth billions of years ago, according to the laws of gravity. I know what you might be thinking...why haven't the asteroids between earth and mars congealed by now? (That would be a good question.)
Okay, so you don't think they could come from inside the earth. Then, as far as you would be concerned, the dark side of the moon would be a much more likely consideration than a 'sister' planet.

But you haven't answered my questions yet, or attached a photo.
There's no law that I'm aware of, which says that it's impossible. It's just that binary systems are based on angular symmetry with respect to the central axis, as far we know. And, being that there are already [7 or 8] other planets in the system that are randomly dispersed about their own orbits, the symmetry isn't present. That leaves the one astronomically minute possiblity that some random object just happens to be in an exactly synchronized orbit (regardless of its dimensions) on the direct opposite side of the sun from us. So, why can't there be an earth there? There CAN be, for you. But, just because it's possible doesn't mean it's the case.

If I'm reading you correctly, you want to know why 'people' would invent high-speed travel through space so that they can understand how aliens are able to come and go as they please. Well there are othere possible explanations that are much more viable, which don't rely on the major assumptions that those 'people' are making.

It's like if you were a detective, and you walked into a room and saw a dead body on the floor. You go to leave the room to conduct an investigation, and you find that the door locks automatically from the outside. You can't get out by yourself. In fact, you search the whole room over and over, and you can't find any way out anywhere. You examine the body and see no signs of suicide or sickness, only a note in the victim's clutching hand that says "HELP!"

Well, what you're doing, Richard, as the detective, is jumping to the conclusion that the killer is clever enough to have already found to way to exit the room. Even if the killer is able to eventually figure out a way to leave, you have completely overlooked the most important likelihood...that the killer is still in the room with you. The killer is in the room.
Agent Orange, just imagine if it were true. This second Earth just months away with all the same living conditions that Earth has without the global warming and other pollutions. I still say there's a chance it's there. You know the EU astronauts are being coupled (male-female) 6 pairs, so maybe they're heading for this planet for populating purposes.
What I think is that if it was actually created at the same time as that of our earth and is going around the same orbit then it would also have the same conditions of atmospheric changes and the same evolution must have taken place there resulting in human population or any other being population. which might not necessarily favorable for us humans to actually go there and increase our human population.
Hey I like this.

An exact copy of planet Earth on the opposite side of the Sun.
Your explaination of why nobody has seen it, at first thought, sounds sound. If the sun is in the way, you cannot see it. Thats one for you.

But there are a lot of questions after that.

If there is a planet on the opposite side of the Sun, what are the odds that it is the exact same size and weight of Mother Earth?

How would this planet have developed down the same turbulant path, as Mother Earth has, and end up a carbon copy??? WHat are the odds of that? I think you have extremely better odds to win in Las Vegas.

THen if it is exactly the same as Mother Earth, then there has to be exact the same life forms on it???? if so, how did they become so advanced to be able to fly their spaceships over to Mother Earth??? We don't have ships capable of that so how can they at Earth2???

THen we get in to the How does the planet stay exactly opposite Mother Earth, being hidden behind the Sun?? The Rotation of the planets is not exactly friction free. THere are gravities and forces on all the planets and even Mother Earth has variances, are we to think that Earth2 will be void of these affects even though Earth2 is exactly the same as Mother Earth???

And the one question that will certainly come up is what force had been involved over the billions of years to have kept the Earth2 from moving faster or slower and be seen or collide with Mother Earth. Remember, Mother Earth has a moon that is applying forces to her also. So does Earth2 have an exact same moon, in the exact same orbit, applying the exact same forces on Earth2?????

You are considering a lot of IFS and too many " IT IS EXACTLY THE SAME".

Besides, even though I am a beleiver that there can be life in space, I have not seen anything that substantially proves that there are spaceships from other planets, much less from Earth2, visiting us. Though, the way we are destroying Mother Earth, It might be a good idea to hitch a ride to Earth2. Then again, if it is EXACTLY THE SAME, the the humans on Earth2 are destroying that planet as well. Humans have a habit of doing that.

The odds of there being an Earth2 are not good, well, bad, uhm, well, really bad. But carry on, I am enjoying your imagination.

By amorriso
I saw one TV show and read part of a novel (I think it had "Gor" in its title) which featured this Earth on the other side of the sun thing. I think it's an implausible theory because astronomers would have already noticed the gravitational perturbations that a twin Earth would exert on other planets like Mars and Venus. UFOs are not real. They are just aircraft or people having vivid dreams. And the Earth is definitely not hollow. }:)

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