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By AaronBurns
Who wants Purple or Green eyes? I do!

I think that staining your eye would be very space aged. We have colored contacts and special ones to cover your whole eye but, they cause infections and hurt to wear. So, what's the alternative to freaking out your parents or school teacher with eye color. My eye stain would stain the whole eye; especially the white part. Any color on white shows up very brightly. That's why artists paint on white; because it shows the colors easily. We could have any color or mix your own. One Green eye and one Orange eye. Why not have glow in the dark eyes or florescent eyes. We just need a chemist, now, to mix some up.

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By JodiLynneS
I just read somewhere online about eye tatoos. Im not sure if it is temporary or permanent. I was too grossed out to read about it.

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