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By Rhylin
This idea i have is pretty simple and im not sure whether or not these are already in effect, however i occasionally smoke huka at a cafe in my hometown, and its a social event that anyone can participate in, even if they don't regularly smoke. when people smoke huka, they hold their thumb over the tip of the hose so smoke wont billow out or release the reverse seal and let smoke blow out past the coal. it seems like if i had a huka of my own, i would be one to invest in a clicking mechanism of a cover that could be moved to smoke the huka, then released and clicked back into place after smoking and while passing the hose.(obviously, to the left lol) this has the basic concept of, say, a zippo lighter. the cover would be moved in order to smoke, then it would possibly click back into place to reseal the hole while the hose is being passed. this is a thought i have had for a while- let me know if anyone thinks its a plausible idea i could pursue : )

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