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By AaronBurns
Like any smokeless cigarette you need only slip your standard cigar or cigarette inside a tube with screens at both ends and one end you light while the other snaps shut for inhaling and could come with an optional filtration system to further make a "So called" safer smoke!

Reward: Too see second hand smoke gone!
Second hand smoke includes what you exhale. Can your 'tube' eliminate exhaled smoke?

There is a patented FDA approved device coming out very soon that's the size of a pack of cigarettes. When you need a 'nicotine fix' you simply pull the flexible tube (straw) up to your lips (assuming the device is in your shirt pocket) and inhale. There is no second hand anything with this device. I was contracted to build the devices circuit board tester to be used during mass production. I have volunteered to test one of the first off the assembly line. :-°

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