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By M. Yak
If you want to cook an egg but have no egg timer... no problem! Say you want an egg cooked for three minutes, just put an egg in boiling water, wait a minute or two, and then add another egg every ten seconds. After you estimate that five minutes are over, turn off the heat and remove all the eggs from the water. One of them is bound to be just right!

Reward: An egg timer.
i find that pointless none the less u still waste eggs just getting em right and oh yes if u have any info on prepetual energy plz read my respone under thomas raqiquist ok thx see ;-D ya
By mtbelanger
you can, um, look at a clock
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By Michael D. Grissom
What are you THINKING!!!???

A $75K Cat Scan machine is perfectly capable of determining when an egg is done. Why on earth would you waste an egg?


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