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By Jigsaw
I want to build an orb like spike grenade this is how i did it (or want to do it at least):

you can turn the grenade 180 degrees that goes to 0 degrees in bout five seconds (give or take).
When it hits 0 degrees a mechanism connects two wires (metal plates) making a power circuit.
The power source sends a jolt to a magnet loading it up. Now ferometals load up ( North pole and North pole ricochets).
The magnet is north pole loaded, and the spikes are north pole. So actually a sort of forcefield is created pushing out al the spikes in a jolt. :-°
By Highguard01
yeah like nanobots but you just shred them up with a signal they expand into a shredder several feet away dominating the area then let out a code which make them all return into one
weapon again this would be totaly cool like a sword or powerfull self loading gun then you like wouldnt need any ammo it would simply go out short range and recall itself back then you would be dominaing short range combat king the house omg i like this one.

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