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By AaronBurns
Just drop your cell down phone next to any dummy terminal and your phone automatically connects WiFi your Office Computer to any Dummy Terminal any where with the addition of the WiFi Modem Installed On The Dummy Terminal. Take your office to any where they have the WiFi Dummy!
Of course you would need to convince the entire World to use Wifi, Dummy Terminals!
The cell phone is much cheaper in traveling than a lap top and smaller too!
Put them in Hotels, Air Ports, Sea Ports, Schools, Libraries. Very Private and personal (Phone Number and Phone Company Safety Bsck-ups). While purchasing a book you could simply upload it too your away computer from your phone. Puchase software at the store through the phone instantly transfering all forms of media directly to a computer though the cell phone. Buy anything that has anything to do with everyting you want to buy!

Reward: Saving cost and improving time and ease of use!

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