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By 'The One'
Right, I just have to get this off my chest. Some *beep* people like being *beep*, and some don't, am I correct? Some are in control, some aren't. But, it appears to me as if it's particularly awkward as to how it works, so, isn't it that people use it to cover for something else, for what the real thing/problem is? Isn't it that the idea of gayity was made up one day by people, maybe just because two men or two women were close to each other, but then got confused some day, and stuff was made up... Is it to do with the tail-bone part of the spine at all? And also, isn't it just to do with moods, and whether they choose to act '*beep*' or not. Still, that's not going to last forever! I don't think it's right to get at 'gays or lesbians' though because they believe they're that way for different reasons and it can be to do with feeling either not good enough or not secure, etc. and I find that is a shame, but I don't like the way it can be shown sometimes. It seems to be to do with the spine though.

I'm not *beep* myself and I'm pretty sure of it, although as I say, it's as if it was made up but I think it's just one of those things and that things get put way to extremes by things like TV and gossip, etc. Then, that's what makes people act in the way they're described or gossiped about, and the PRESSURE inflicted on them by others or by themself is bound to make people nervous and worried, unless you're in a position where you can act cool generally, and is it to do with you're aura, etc? People often find they have to act a certain way though, and I'm not just talking about gayity now, I'm talking about putting on an act, people often feel they have to be a certain way, but it is possible to change, not best to keep changing because we're changing all the time anyway, but I find that basically you don't have to do what other people tell you to do. Does anyone think I should keep things like this to myself? Any comments?

It's probably best not to think too much about these things is it? I'm not meaning to make anyone paranoid. I've already been that and I know how it feels. Maybe what I went through was only paranoia and nothing else!
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By 'The One'
Also, isn't the thing to do with the bottom of the spine a straight thing (because it's like the 'dog-tail wagging' reaction that dog's have)? I've found that 'straight talking' and being 'straight' are two things that can well be different. I just think it's so confused now (but I wonder whether there's a reasonable reason why it's confused). B-)
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By 'The One'
It's best not to think about these things too much isn't it? Lol
By 'The One'
These days, I can believe that many things exist, that I didn't think could exist. For me, things are a bit different from how they used to be, and I'm sure it's similar for many other people once they reach a particular age.

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