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By profsor
Most drivers as they get older suffer from near or far vision. To wear glasses adds to the discomfort of driving. There should exist a thin film which you could attach to the inside of the windscreen. Like glasses they should come with a range of magnification factors. Magbnification is not new to cars as we are familier with wing mirrors which do just that.
you could use stuff to make your windows more like lenses on glasses but at night it would increase light at day you might get more ultraviolet rays hitting your cornias and other stuff like that
if you maybe improved it your self say gold rim your windshield there enough room there and tent it with a film which will probily help out alot then you would have to use a small personalized area for the drive at night or day should be the yellow tan tint one could possibly find something to add around this area making it or building a thin lens frame to be put on it frame under your
windshields lens to the frame and since saying this the lens or personalizations could be outstanding and you might have built a area where you yourself and other can play with.

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