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By Toinette Hodges
My son is in fifth grade. He is dyslexic. It takes him at least 3 times longer to read materials than other children his age. He usually does not comprehend what he reads. However, he is very smart. If someone reads to him, he understands very well and is able to answer any question asked him about the material. I have to read everything to him in the afternoons and evenings to prepare him to go to school the next day and be able to pass. He is very self conscious and hates to be made fun of for his lack of reading skills. When the teacher has to read to him in front of the class, he gets very embarrassed. Many times he gets bad grades because he does not want to ask questions or get help from the teacher because of his embarrassment.

The invention I would like to see become a reality is as follows: A hand-held, portable, small machine that a person can scan reading material with, one line at a time. The machine will have a computer chip that will read the information and repeat the information in audible sound to the reader. This sound should be able to come to the reader through an earplug. This device needs to be small and inconspicuous. I am thinking it would look like a pocket tape recorder with earplugs and another cord with a small reading attachment that would be used to scan with. Or possibly, instead of a second cord, the scanner would be built into the pocket sized device and the entire device would be passed over the reading material to scan it. My son could use this device from now on. He could read the newspaper, directions on packages, books, etc. It would open up a whole new world for him and help him to be the successful adult that I know he can become. Will someone creative please help me make this a reality!!
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By Steve
What a fabulous idea! There are probably innumerous applications for an invention like this. (Just think of blind people for instance...) Once automatic translation is up to the task, such a device should definitely be able to produce results in different languages.
By Ian Scott
The technology is almost at the stage you are looking for - CPEN can be used to "read" documents, unfortunately at this stage can only transfer them to a computer which I presume could then "read" the text aloud ?
By Sarah
Dear Mr. Hodges,
I love to invent things! i am 12 years old and in the 7th grade i would be willing to make a divice or try to make one like it for my science fair project. i would give you creadet for the idea. hope to here from you soon. pleas2 tell your son hi. i know what he is going through!
By Steve Veltkamp
It's here!

Hope this fits the need!
By Adrian
It looks like the device you require aleady exists. But how about tackling dyslexia directly? An amazing breakthrough has been made in understanding and treating the cause of dyslexia. See
By timetraveler
I thought of that three years ago and everyone one I told about it thought it was stupid. I still think it is a great idea. now that im in high school ( im in 7th grade and am 12 y/old , I turn 13 in march next year, 2003) there are much more intelligent people, so now I can get people to understand me better.

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