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By nutty
There are plenty of starvation and hunger deaths in countries due to war and natural calamities.... Even though food and emergency supplies are released they are sent from one place to another and take time and are mostly inadequate. We should research commercially producible chemicals (similar to enzymes) that would help in the break up of cellulose into edible glucose forms. This way all the cellulose present in select vegetation around the area can be used..... not just the traditional food crops... and the only things to be transported would be these chemicals and synthetic proteins and vitamins which need to be added to the nett soup (the glucose food made) so that there is no starvation...
By Neticman
I published a related proposal: Termite Farm. Termites are efficient at converting cellulose into food. However, they are not used for industrial waste recycling or animal feed production anywhere, except in some African tribes. Chicken and trouts love termites.
I would love to assemble an efficient, low cost scientist-technician group and start researching and producing technology... I need a partner with a small investment...

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