Obsessed by the improvements of StarTrek and the fourth millennium, while feeling restricted by the limits of today's technology or that boring second law of thermodynamics? Just let your imagination flow - you needn't be Scotty to beam your thoughts in here!
By Bertromavich
Spaceship Construction Alliance is a design build company which gets ideas for spaceship designs from in house designers and customers and finances the prototypes as future inventions giving the proceeds to the customers account when they first applied when they bought a product. The account takes profits from the sales of toys or collectibles from the spaceship designs that are being sold in store and put it into an safe investment and also put the ideas generated by customers and designers into a pool that gets put into each accounts according to their contribution to the design of future spaceships and then one day the proceeds in the account will pay for not a prototype but a real working model of a spaceship.

Spaceship Construction Alliance is already a unique way to cost effectively design and implement spaceship design but to go along the lines of industry standards I would like to allow the approach of an alternate approach to cost effective designs. We may make a spaceship and may find the part designed is far to expensive the alternative would be to research the ways that would make it inexpensive, some of the methods for making it inexpensive may be years down the road but that would still be a goal to allow for the designs success someday down the road. Let me clarify. There are reasons prices are so high and we should not just except the asking price but ask in return what we can do for the supplier to make their prices more reasonable, if this causes for us to develop a better way of manufacturing the device then doing so is not with out merit or reason but is our duty to improve the industry we work in to get ahead in business.

In the issue of having to choose a fuel source, I have this to say: Being that we are trying to build products that are to represent the space age, I say we should adapt the environmentally conscious ideals that some others have when designing engines. A modification to the modern fuel chamber can be enabled with the use of my invention of the ’Revitalizer.’ With the ‘revitalizer’ an engine can burn fuel, any type of fuel, and the outlying exhaust can be turned back into the fuel that the engine needs. It would take one full tank and that is all. Say you have a fuel that requires a certain type of gas to become combustible, and there are such fuels, two storage chambers could be built one to contain the gas needed for the fuel and one for the fuel. Being that the same weight in each container is being recycled there should never be a reason for someone to run out of fuel because they got to far from home.

If you have ever studied electromagnets and have heard that for one bar to float over another bar their poles have to be aligned. Well then if everything has poles for something to become attractive, the poles must be aligned properly. Say you have a ship where the engine is a special electromagnet and the focal point on the destination display is a galaxy far away. The computer locates the main elements in that galaxy matches the poles with the engine poles and the ship starts to pull towards that galaxy.

The result of high frequency vibrations is a bypassing occurrence. When energy is created it always needs some place to go. Being the ship itself is creating the vibrations as well as stresses on the ship from the outside, it can be determined where these vibrations originate so that their path can be accurately displaced. (Energy Physics) I have a resolve that may work to alleviate some stresses in vibrations. When the metal workers craft the structural material there can be a frequency wave placed in each piece of metal creating a path for the frequency to travel through. As if they were tracks designed with the wave pattern of the vibration frequency. The path could be from the origination point to an edge of the ship that can dispel the frequency. Being that is a problem we haven’t much dealt with before there is no way for us to use the vibrations frequency for any practical purpose for the ship, but maybe later on after some new discoveries we can figure out a proper use for it. (Besides Energy we all know that one) Using microwave technology can create this frequency and then it can be passed on to fabrication of materials.

Interlocking structure: It is my premise that to believe the above notion of having the spaceship material imposed with the very frequency it will be bombarded with then the spaceship parts should be interlocked so that the whole spaceship seems to fulfill the requirement of seeming to be one actual part. This is because when the frequency flows it needs to be on a steady track to make it to the required destination and when there are spaces between parts it creates places where parts can rattle and frequency can escape. Or spaces between parts causes reason for motion if the parts were placed together with interlinks it would cause to function as if it was a single structure. Interlock is already a patented function it just needs to be added to each attachment point to the ship and all existing parts in the components which will probably never be, unless the frequency tracks became a industry standard.

New pilot safety precautions and for all pilots safety concerns with flying a spacecraft. Flight direction Override: when the pilot has lost control of the ship then they can immediately press a button that will get them flying a safe course again.

When designers take to the boards for the design of any one spaceship, remember that this is the beginning of our education to space travel and it is part of the companies protocol to present informative designs for educational purposes so that others can approach with designs of their own understanding for us to work on. Making a design of a ship that functions well in space would be one design then making another design that would function well in the air is another design and another which would do launching very well is the extent of our understanding and all these ships could be made to teach others up to the point where we teach ourselves to achieve past. Each of these environmentally conscious designs can be designed with the intention that the idealistic design will become transient when transferring to its next logical environmental switch. Designing a ship to work well in its environment is a good goal whether or not it can be figured out how to transfer the ship out of its environment, you can still learn a lot about the survival of the ship in each environment as you study the designs. This does seem like the logical approach when seeking design ideas. Design a perfect ship for its environment and don’t worry about the rest till we all know more.

On the appraisal of the above notification for project structure, I have further to say. Given the environments for space land air and sea are all actual environments that are measurable and can be studied, it can also be said for the environments we can’t figure out. The transitions we must overcome in the move from one environment to another should be our next focal point for our designers to design spaceships for. These designs will be to entail the ships survival through any transient state in space. Making a unique ship for each encounter able environment that our ships must pass through. It is my assumption that after these two levels are complete we will be passed the point of existentialism.

The next phase would be to interrogate each environments spaceship design and find similarities that can be connected and shared so that one day we will be able to convert from one phase to another without alarm or failure. There is more than earths transient environments, the whole solar system will be our play ground if Space travel is successful so note that the these designs aren’t limited to travel from or to earth.

I have no problem with the design of idealistic spacecraft, I would like a separate folder with these designs so that future designer can strive for something, and another folder for real world designs with the emphasis that they will at least always try to live up to the ideal model.

Here are some logical points of concern when moving forward with Spaceship Construction Alliance:

People are normally in space for a very long time. It would be nice to prevent boredom for them by creating a 500 day calendar of things that one can do in space and on a spaceship or with a spaceship, etc.

There aren’t any demographics for people interested in space; these demographics would be very necessary in spaceship Constructions Alliances preliminary design assessment of the needs of the spaceship buyers.

The environmental controls or life support system can be redesigned with it being adjusted with the technology received from my revitalizer invention. It would take old air turn it into natural air and would allow the life support system to allow the use of fire on the space ship. This by far is the most extreme of occurrences that occur with the current system and I am sure there are other peculiarities in the system that can also be adjusted with the technology taken from the revitalizer.

The main parameter and the big concern is at the moment when people are already in space and what should be done with the level of activity in space. I’m thinking along the line of what stores will be needed in space but my theory of what is needed goes way beyond stores and manufacturable products but is based solely on the concept of what is the desire of people in space and how to meet this need of theirs.

The influence to create floating docking stations is too strong to ignore. This is my assessment, in space there are certain positions in the 3-dimensional tapestry of space that are allowed to experience a certain lack of gravitational pulls from either moving body. These points would be desirable destinations for the construction of meeting, stomping or purchasing grounds for any person or alien alike to stop and take in the culture of space in our solar system. It should be as friendly as can be for all travelers.

Having a resource to find toys that associate well within the categories seeked by each individual and they like what they like and they like what other people like and if you and you will combine these to and take part in the acceptance that some things are meant to be you will realize that a fact of what people want is already relevant and does not have to be made exclusively by the district in charge over the land.

I don’t know whether you figured out a way to make building a nest egg for the purchase of a spaceships yet but I had a small thought to add on the subject, I think I some what stated it but left it up in the air.

When the first model spaceships are sold, for each individual design that gets sold the designer that made them gets proceeds minus expenses and when the purchaser reviews the program that states they can get involved in the design of future spaceships their ideas will be contributed to designs and when someone buys a design that also includes their idea the proceeds are established for them as well just like the designers. Now if say instructions were included that told the purchaser if they send in five dollars we will start an annuity for them and any proceeds earned through the company for them will be placed into the annuity, this will establish the growth basis needed to over come pricing extremes for middle class everywhere.

I sent a letter to the people at the auto industries, telling them how important their participation in the space race would be, if their designers also designed spaceships. The people in the auto industry could be added to the number of people interested in space travel.

Here’s the letter I wrote them, maybe you could follow up with them now that I have an invention that would start the ball rolling in the area I discussed.

Hello American Auto Manufacturers,

I have a simple proposal for you and it may be immature but I believe in my heart I’ll no problem meeting my end of the bargain. I want to propose to you that we take the space program into our own hands and pursue a non-military form of space agency. If you believe, I can say, the ancient Egyptians are said to have goals of space travel a missions to the stars. They didn’t bring the whole planet with them or any other countries but these are different times now. Language barriers are being broken down, Distinctions between country ethnic origins is fading to a shallow line. We have the capacity now to use as American the entire culturally diverse population to build on this Idea of mobile transformation.
If we could design a space ship for every type individual group and class of people and even for families to be able to travel together than we would be transferring the auto industry it into the space industry with Fords good sense to manufacture space ship to make them cheaper and more manageable.

This is my recent Idea:
A car that could leave the ground for moments at a time, after it would pick up speed it tires would retract to half height and would fly. With its carbon alloy body the thing would float even on small speeds like a paper airplane. Was discovered today this is the future lady’s and gents we have step upon it this is the future.

Space Research Capitalization

With the institution of a state of the art space research facility and a steady budget plan, we intend to instrument the ability to make space ship with the specifications to maintain space standards. The design, look, of the spaceship program is going to be done by the many designers in the auto industry; giving them a second paycheck. When the manufacturability of a space ship is made it’s production will be handled by the auto industry. This approach here is to allow a space ship program where the pay offs are rewarded to everyone that can fly.
This is the extent of my organizational agenda, besides making a systemic conversion between leaving the atmosphere and returning to earth without burning up during exit and reentry, sounds to obtrusive it should be more relaxed.

The leading information I may have not explained entirely. The 3d design of the space ship will be a real ordeal of an actual working spaceship. Each Design will be able to get a design patent and a utility patent. The people working on spaceship designs will have the knowledge to build a real proto-type that could be flown by a real person. But the production and building of a real spaceship will be not done for posterity. The effort taken to build one livid spaceship would takes years to create and the studying of the actual design would serve as an educational medium once built but if there were design flaws found or improvements that could be made there would be no changes the building of the spaceship would be already done and the possibility of changing it to suit new found needs would seem moot.
Although building an actual design of a real workable space as a small model would seem to be more of a concept that would explore the imagination of a study of such interesting vehicles. More than one spaceship could be worked on at a time. A small model could be looked at by the masses and scientist around the world could study its design. Secrets of spaceship technology could be unlocked and the conception by others who would now understand the behavior behind spaceships could get involved and have spaceship built to their specifications. The ownership of spaceship designs would be passed on helping the future cause of spaceship research to one day be able to grant all people with the knowledge to create a concept drawing to be able to one day with the help of patent profits and futuristic and realistic innovation into the space age to one day be able to have built for each individual person their own personal design spaceship that would suit each person to their specifications. Like the design of homes to build with accommodation of the individual homeowner to have his home built to accommodate their needs.
The invention of new components for space travelers would take place in the drawing rooms and the testing of workable designs would take place in the computer rooms. Each new space invention would be simulate into a workable structure within the computer, patented then used in a space ship model and saved for later building of an actual working model. This gives the ability to continue inventing for space age technology without incurring the costs of a life size-working model.
One day after many changes to designs and alterations to living conditions the actual production of spaceships for the masses can take place with a real and explained understanding of how everything works.

With a spacecraft designed for each environment, each area of space could be embarked upon. If plotting a travel course you were say to choose Neptune then you would look at the flight plan and you would discover that there is a ship design for every avenue of space that leads to Neptune. Then all one would do is to select each design that is described along the flight path and make a compilation ship with them so that one can reach the destination of Neptune. This would be the possible outcome for say the space tourism industry because travel is based heavily on how well you are able to travel towards some where and along those lines and nowhere else. There could be a spaceship designed for every walk of life in space. Meaning you could design a ship that will go to everywhere in space, back and forth, and have each person pay for a ticket. A road map of destinations is all anybody would need to navigate space and to design the ships.

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