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By john
i have developed a very low cost clenan method of generating large amounts ofhydrogen and oxygen from water i am looking to sell this system
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By Michael D. Grissom
If you have a prototype that proves the concept and the price is ball-park, you should be able to sell it in a heartbeat. If you want at least a million for it (no less), the best place I know of to sell it is on but, be prepared to prove that it works. This is a world wide network of 'finders' that make their living matching buyers to sellers. Good Luck!
By Neticman
This is not the difficult part. Electrolysis is clean, easy and cheap. The problem is hydrogen storage, or an efficient hydrogen pile.
Unless you found something cheaper than electricity to break water molecules.
By Hydro
Thank you for starting this topic, and that is a great idea.

Now if I told you that my brother and I have taken an existing patent by Stan Myers and designed a system to convert all vehicles to run on HHO gas you would problem think I am a scammer or a liar, a rightfully so! Now understand my families background a bit before you think we are making wild claims please, because I assure you we are not.

In fact, we are converting my Murano in 30 days or less and we estimate the vehicle will get anywhere from a 100 miles to the gallon, or it will run 100% on HHO, with zero emissions. The amazing part of all this is my brother who inherited my father's scientific mind, our father a engineer that worked at Motorola for over 30 years in research and development, earned six patents for the company and won the diamond award. Now realize my brother who runs our research and development department is also a master electrician and has surpassed my father by leaps and bounds. We are sitting with all the parts to build the prototype in our lab as I write. The system we have developed will integrate easily into most cars within 3 hours. We are opening our first store we hope soon. I am a developer and have many project going. I have been paying cash for everything, but need funding now. I already have customers lined up. This is no joke. Just punch in Stan Myers water car in google. This means free energy. We have all his plans as he left them as public domain. But we have developed certain modifications that have made this very applicable. If anyone knows someone interested in funding please let us know. Were going to do this no matter what but a loan would make this spread across our globe. This means we can create free home energy also. I know sounds to good to be true but it is so simple you will be like we are astonished and a little mad at your government!

Best wishes for our country,
Hydro-Auto Conversion System Inc.
By Hydro
We have overcome the flaw is thinking you need to store Hydrogen. The establishment want everyone to think this way about Hydro. It is a circular self perpetuating system, you just have to fill your water tank with your garden hose, or any fresh and clean water source. Anyway, any ideas are appreciated.

By Hydro
This is an excellent point, because your right it seems to go against what we understand about science, but like my brother says, but it works! Go to youtube and watch Stan Myers drive his car on HHO. Another element you are missing is a patent would not have been awarded if it was not a viable product. But that is OK we will have the Prototype done soon and that we realize is our job and burden to prove. So we shall see.We had many discussion about your quote here, so I respect your response believe me..
By Hydro
I should also add that we have created away to compensate for the issues of not creating enough HHO, and the perpetuation of it cyclically. I look forward to your input.

Thank you.

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