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By thinktankak
Ever had trouble sleeping, or were to busy you were not able to get enough sleep? There may be a solution waiting for you! Picture this: a single person bedchamber that gives you all you want and need!

This bedchamber would surround you on all sides keeping a controlled and uber comfortable environment. First and foremost, every possible inch (or centimeter) of your body would be in close contact with an advanced massaging machine that adopts to your height, and build- adjusting to how you lay in this “bed”- controllable at your fingertips. Secondly, you would be able to either: free-move while you are asleep in the chamber using a surrounding frame work similar to a rotating globe (in two directions), or before you drift off to sleep mechanically move your body into a comfortable position using buttons at your fingertips connected to the surrounding frame work similar to a rotating globe (in two directions). This (hopefully) insuring that you are always in a comfortable position when you sleep. Thirdly, you would be able to control the temperature, humidity and how much sound reaches your ears- you could set it to complete awareness of you surrounding noises such as a crying baby, or you could set it to cancel out 100% of the sound coming your way, for a completely silent sleep. Also if the audio set up would accommodate mp3 players if you desire to listen to music while you sleep.

How does this solve sleeping problems? The idea behind this invention is that you can reach and sustain an extremely deep sleep for about five hours instead of the traditional two sleep cycles approximately four hour long ( 8h) required to fulfill you body’s restoration, thus reducing the amount of necessary sleep by 40%.

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By sammeli
You could start by building a bed with computer controlled active suspension system... haven't heard even such beds exist... i guess the price could be the problem

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