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By Doug_F
This is for all those times when you order some sort of sports supplement, mainly protein powders, meal replacements, creatine etc... and you open the container only to find that the scooper is somewhere in the middle. You gotta stick your hand in there, make a big mess and waste some of the supplement just to find the *beep* scoop. This idea is very simple, but simple things sometimes work. I would just add some sort of a latch made out of plastic to the inside top portions of these container to hold the scoop. This way even during shipping with the insides flying around everywhere, the scoop will remain at the top when you open up the package, and be much easier and more convienient to grab. Anyone who thinks i should do this lemme know, it's simple but it could work.

Reward: big muscles
By Rambo-Commando
just close the lid, hold the container up-right; and then shake it up and down a few times. when u do this, the scoop trickles up, and the powder falls under it. eventually u'll hear the scoop hitting the lid.
open the lid and ur scoop is waiting for u ;-)
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By thinktankak
Antother way to solve this problem is to tape the handle of the scope to the lid before you close the cantainer.

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