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do you think this theory will actually work?

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By yuvrajd2000
Many a times it happens in our day-to-day life (at least it happens in mine) that we experience things which we think have happened in the past or we have been through them earlier.This according to my knowledge is due to neurons and other pulse generating cells in our brain which actually generate pulses so fast that our brain travels into future subconsciously and see series of events (be through those events virtually) while we are sleeping/resting/whatever . Thus we think that we have actually been through it.
So if we do further more research on this and somehow find a way to actually go to subconscious state consciously so that we can record all the siting which were seen as a dream and then really experience it and use it for further study into whether future can be changed and relative queries which will really benefit mankind and take us to a new generation of science and research.

Reward: I would like to be informed if anyone did actually use this bit of info to do some genuine research and reach some conclusion.
By neduncheralathan
there is flaw. Neurons fire at a maximum rate of 120 meters per sec. (DORSAL COULMN-the one that keeps your brain aware about the state of muscles-sort of feedback). Nerves can never fire faster than speed of light. The fact that we cant swat flies are because there is a lag of time between input and execution because of the length of nervge fibre on the other hand flies have their brains and motor organs connected by fbres many times shorter than ours.

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